Alcohol Addiction Treatment and Medication

Alcohol Addiction Treatment & Medication

Alcohol- the word itself creates an image of a drunk person, out of his conscience, creating havoc on everything that comes in his path. It disrupts the life of each and every person that consumes it, at any point in time. And the addiction is so severe that affected person is not able to step out of its grip or if he does, there are chances to be addicted again.

Alcoholism also leads to various personality disorders like insomnia, fidgeting as well as various psychological disorders like anxiety, nervousness, paranoia, etc. Criminal activities are also related to alcoholism.


Alcohol Addiction Treatment and Medication


The addiction is so severe that the person affected doesn’t even realise the depth and outcome of his/her activity before it’s too late. To cure self, or someone else it is important to look for the signs to confirm if suspected is addicted or not?


Signs of overconsumption of alcohol


  • Slurred speech
  • Clumsiness
  • Vomiting, nausea or stomach pain
  • Blacking or fading out
  • Redness of face


Look out for these signs to confirm if the suspected is drinking or not.


Some Signs of Alcohol Abuse or Addiction


There is a difference between occasional drinking or daily drinking. Daily drinking often leads to addiction which results in a great problem for the people associated with the suspect.

Here are few of the signs of addiction or alcohol abuse.


  • No control over the drinking quantity once the suspected began drinking.
  • No attention to friends or family or professional events.
  • Risky behaviour leading to breaking law, financial troubles, health problems which may lead to life-threatening diseases.
  • Constantly angry or increase in other emotions.
  • Insomnia or oversleeping.
  • Constant hangovers.
  • Increasing amount of alcohol because of increased tolerance.
  • Selling things in order to get more money to drink more.


These are the few of signs of addiction to alcohol. It is better to treat before it gets too late and leads to some incurable disease like cancer etc. or it may happen that do some illegal activity during the drunk time-period which may lead to imprisonment.




Early it is, the better it is. Alcoholism- from any prospectus is not good, say it to be little, occasional or heavy. It needs to stop. At times, the addiction is so top notch that the person is unable to stop self from consuming it and gives into the addiction.


Types of Treatment


There are many ways of treatment of addiction to alcohol, often it is too severe that Rehabilitation Centres are the only way to do it. There are programs for like 28 days, 2 months, or 6 months depending on the condition of alcoholic. But it may happen that it will not be useful for some people. So there are other options also available.


Medication and Rehabilitation


Medication, there are various options available but one should not take it without the recommendation of a doctor as they have a hard effect on people. There are not many medications approved by doctors for the treatment of alcohol for it may create a problem with the body of consumers. The medicine is not a magic pill that’ll work in minutes. Along with medications, social and psychological interventions are also important.

There are only a few medicines approved by FDA for the treatment of alcoholism to reduce their cravings and change their mood along with repairing the damaged parts of the body.


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Some of the medicines that are often approved by the doctors are- Antabuse, it interferes with the body’s ability to soak in alcohol, which causes unpleasant side effects like flushing or nausea. Other widely used medicine is Naltrexone. It helps to lower the amount of pleasure alcoholics receives after consuming alcohol. This medicine is taken once in a day or can be injected also.

Topamax is widely used medicine for treating the seizures. It is not specifically for alcohol addiction treatment. In a survey, it was declared that Topamax was one of the best medicines used. It cures the alcoholics in a 14 week time period.

Some other medicines are – Campral, Revia, Zofran, Vivitrol, Disulfiram etc. But all of them should be taken only after doctor’s prescription.

Hope you like the article.Let us know what are your thoughts on this and also share your experience with us. Always remember DO NOT DRINK ALCOHOL.

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