5 Free Android Apps for Alcohol Addicts to become Sober

5 Free Android Apps for Alcohol Addicts to become Sober

Alcohol Addiction is a curse and if you or your known person is in the initial stage of alcohol addiction and want to get sober again, then they will have to follow certain dedicated path and should be focused and determine to leave alcohol. If you are ready to quit alcohol, then you can use below Android apps which are absolutely free and will help you to become a sober person.


Quit alcohol and become Sober


Free Android Apps for Alcohol Addicts to Become Sober


1. Stop Drinking Alcohol App

If you are a heavy alcohol drinker or just a social drinker and want to quit alcohol or track your alcohol consumption or see for how many days you haven’t drunk alcohol, then this is the app for you.

The main aim of this Android application is to motivate you to continue or start your alcohol-free track. It does this by counting the number of days you’ve been sober, based on Seinfeld’s “Don’t Break The Chain” technique. You can simply add each drink to today’s counter or let the app remind you each day to fill in the number.

The free version of this app has 50 quotes and the paid version has about 800+ quotes about quitting. The main feature of this app is that it does not collect any personal data and your data is only saved in your phone and you can even take a backup of it.


2. No More! Quit your Addictions

This is the multipurpose android app for all types of addiction, whether you are addicted to Alcohol, drugs, smoking or any other bad habit, this app will help you.

Using this app you can track your progress and even can share it with others. It is like a game, which will give you achievements and if you progress further you can even unlock more achievements and get motivated.

It also has many motivational quotes and you can even set them to pop-up on your screen to keep you motivated.


3. Alcoholism Addiction Alcoholic

If you are in the path of soberness, then this Android application is very helpful. This is a recovery app which is very helpful for alcoholic and addict. This SoberTool gives you a reading that is relevant to what you are currently facing. It prompts in your Smartphone to read an article daily leading to sobriety.

Whether you are addicted to alcohol, sex, drugs, internet or any other thing this sober app will help you. This app is helpful in many ways even if you have already taken alcohol treatment.

Do try this app and if you become sober, do recommend it to other persons who are in need.


4. IMQuit – Quit addiction

IMQuit is a very powerful Android app for your smartphone which will help you fighting with addictions like Alcohol, smoking or Internet.

You can easily trace your progress with this app and can also share if you want. It gives you a clear and impressive picture and even you can compare with your history record. Quit addiction is not easy, but IMQuit will help you get through it with less pain and more fun.

It includes features like professional improvement charts, edit/delete history data easily, share your success with friends, how encourage text after you fail, etc.

This App is 100% Ad free.


5. Sober Grid

Your company also plays a very important role in making you sober. If you have decided to quit alcohol and live a sober life and having problems in finding like-minded companions then this is the app for you.

Sober Grid is a sober social networking app that connects sober people with each other. You can connect with your nearby people or anywhere in the world. Sober Grid is for anyone seeking to maintain their sobriety and enjoy a healthy sober lifestyle.

We are sure you will find these sobriety Android apps very helpful and will surely start an alcohol-free life or if you are on that path already, then you will continue like that. Don’t forget to share this useful article with your friends and family members and help them to become sober.


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