How to Stop Smoking Naturally

How to Stop Smoking Naturally

Most of the people find it difficult to detach themselves from the habit of smoking. As we all know, the habit gives many headaches since it appears to be impossible to stop it. However below are some of the ways one can follow so as to stop the habit of smoking.


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Proven Ways to Stop Smoking Naturally


Change your diet


One way is to make changes to your normal diet. Some of the diets are known to be enemies to tobacco and cigarettes. They make cigarettes to taste really bad and horrible. Research studies show that staff like alcohol, coffee and meat especially red meat are cigarette friendly. They make cigarettes to taste better. However, meals such as milk, fruits, and vegetables make them taste very bad. Hence changing your diet to such meals can be really helpful.


Indulge your Teeth


Research studies show that, when somebody feels that urge to smoke a cigarette, what they are actually craving for is carbohydrates. Taking a small sweet carbohydrate such as a cake can actually satiate this craving. However one should be careful again not to take too much sugar and calories.


Regular exercise and movement of the body


The chances of quitting are multiplied when one engages in regular exercise and work outs. However, the method of exercise should involve mainly aerobics. The exercise should also be performed for a minimum of five days in a week. It should be vigorous enough so as to hit approximately 80% of your maximum heart beat.

One can also try an art known as Tai Chi. A study which was undertaken at the University of Miami, subjected chain smokers for 12 weeks and made them do a minimum of one hour tai chi sessions in a week. The results were impressive, since at the end of the period, 60% had dropped the habit.


Hypnotize the Habit


Hypnosis is advocated by many as an effective way to help quit smoking. On top of that, research studies prove this as it has worked in a large percentage of people. The number of sessions one should take depends with the person. Nevertheless, most people experience improvement in their cravings control after a single session. The most important thing in this method is to choose the best practitioner.


The Ancient Art of Acupuncture


This may actually assist a person in the reduction of the cravings. This natural method may help a person to increase the production of serotonin which enables a person to feel satisfied and happy without necessarily taking a cigarette.


yoga and meditation


Meditation and Yoga


Meditation and Yoga are methods which helps in relaxation and enables one to focus clearly. This is a good way to help you quit smoking. It enables a person to once again realize him or herself and thus become self-driven. It helps in realizing a sense of direction and focus.




Most of the people light up so as to keep their hands occupied. So if one uses his or her hands in a more beneficial way, he or she can stop the cravings. Self-massage is one of the ways to curb cravings.

If you are following any other ways to stop smoking naturally, then do share your tips though comments and emails.

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