Paraplegic Rehabilitation Centre Pune

Paraplegic Rehabilitation Centre Pune

Paraplegic Rehabilitation Centre (PRC) is situated in Range Hills, Kirkee, Pune and is a well known rehabilitation center for defense personals suffering from spinal cord injury while serving the Nation. The main aim of this center is to provide good aftercare and rehabilitation of personnel’s of Defence Forces of India who are medically boarded.


Paraplegic Rehabilitation Centre Pune


Disabled personnel, from the Defence Forces of India following spinal cord injury which suggests paraplegics (with each lower limbs unfit and no bladder and gut control) and tetraplegics (all four limbs unfit with no bladder and gut control) suffer from one among the severest kinds of physical incapacity which will afflict a living individual.

After initial treatment, though they become chair borne, they still need lifelong medical aid to stop the complications of tract infection resulting in failure, bedsores, and pneumonias. Hence, there’s the requirement for the Paraplegic Rehabilitation Centre for these unfortunate disabled comrades-in-arms.

Such more centers are required in the country to help every war injury defence person and their family. Admission to PRC is restricted only to ex-servicemen of the three Defence services.


Facilities/Treatments: Spinal Cord Injury treatment, Physiotherapy, hydrotherapy, vocational training, sports complex, swimming, etc.


Paraplegic Rehabilitation Center Contact Details


Paraplegic Rehabilitation Centre,
Range Hills,
Kirkee, Pune-411020


Mobile/Phone Number: 3191(Army) / 020-2602 3191 (Civil)







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