21 Reasons People Fail to Overcome Drug Addiction

21 Reasons People Fail to Overcome Drug Addiction


  1. “We don’t want to change how our life is.”

Often we have those kinds of people who like the things just the way they are. When happiness can be found by smelling something funny or popping in some pills why chose the hard way to happiness. And happiness is just because the people haven’t endured the misery yet of the addiction.


  1. “It’s hard. Commitment is way too hard.”

Who are we kidding if we say that it is so damn easy to commit and we are just not talking about committing to your partners or your health officer or to your doctor or your gym trainer. Here the real talk is about remaining committed to oneself


  1. “Giving up is not easy.”

Man give up


The things that have been giving peace and have been a habit since eternity are hard to lose especially when these things are additive in nature. All the people who have been reported to be addicted to one or another kind of drugs are said to be low in terms of determination and will due to damage of many brain cells.


  1. “We were never ever that inclined to AA meetings.”

Yes, AA meetings have proved to be very helpful to all the people who took an oath to give up drug abuse. The observation of other people regime and how they overcome the urge often provides a motivation. But as is it’s said, “Things that make the world better are never easy.”


Bored Meeting


The constant will, determination and attitude lacks among the majority of people and even a bit of setback amongst the people results in total abandonment of the plan of overcoming drug addiction.


  1. “We weren’t able to find our higher power.”

Some people are believer in God, some in love, some in friendship and some in passion towards their work. But people who are into drug abuse often end up lacking all motivations and encouragement from life and other surroundings. Thus, in order to overcome drug addiction one needs to find a higher power, believe and rely on them.


  1. “We were tired of failing.”

There are so many people who have tried to overcome drug addiction but there is never a definite method. With the increase in the number of people who are overcoming drug addiction, the number of ways which might help the procedure varies as few find God, few find the higher power, and few find a passion.

But, there are so many people who have tried everything but have failed. The only thing that one can do in such case is to know oneself because that’s the only way that it is overcome drug addiction.


  1. “We reached the rock bottom.”

There are so many people who have been addicted so long that they have almost lost everything. This is often termed as reaching rock bottom where people lose the will to do anything and often this rock bottom is so low that they is no escape into the real world.

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