What is Brown Sugar and Effects of Brown Sugar Drug?

What is Brown Sugar and Effects of Brown Sugar Drug?

The Brown sugar drug is an adulterated form of Heroin that comes from opium. It consists of 20% of Heroin. It can also be said that it’s a semi-synthetic opioid that comes from morphine that is directly extracted from poppy plants. Due to impurities like chalk powder, rat poison, zinc oxide, etc brown sugar is much cheaper than the typical highly purified Heroin.

It is generally in the powdered form that is usually stored or packed in small vials. The common street names for the Brown Sugar drug are Smack, H, Junk, Horse, Black tar and many other.


Brown Sugar Effects


As the drug easily burns at low temperatures, most of brown sugar users prefer to smoke it to intake this drug. Smoking Brown sugar is also known as an efficient way to intake the drug. Some users also heat up the powder of brown sugar and inhale the fumes coming out from it. Whereas few users also prefer to inject this drug into themselves, which is a bit difficult method as impurities do not dissolve completely. Injection of brown sugar is also known to be one of the most dangerous methods of all. It might affect the veins of the skin very badly.

In order to use Brown sugar with the method of injection, the powdery substance is mixed in an acid which can be of one or four different acids in which it can be soluble. These acids can be citric or ascorbic acid, lemon juice, vinegar or something similar. This method increases the risks of HIV or other forms of blood-transmitted diseases.


Effects of Brown Sugar Drug?


Often it has been noticed that a sense of dependency is created among the users of brown sugar. Some of the really threatening effects of brown sugar abusers are extreme weight loss due to high loss in appetite, insomnia, which does not allow the user to sleep for days, irritability, complete lack of concentration, and also depression along with high levels of frustration.

Brown sugar starts affecting within a minute of consumption firstly affecting the metabolism of the user. It’s biological half-life is 2-3 minutes with a duration of action lasting from 4 to 5 hours. The process excretion includes 90% of renal as glucuronides and rests biliary. Along with short-term effects, Brown sugar has various long-term negative effects which are mentioned further in the article.


Brown Sugar creates a huge negative effect on the body, hence leaving a huge number of withdrawal symptoms that allows the user to attempt to stop using Brown sugar.


The numerous toll created by Brown Sugar on the body makes its withdrawal extremely painful. Firstly, it leads to violent and aggressive behaviors, lack of sleep due to the effect of insomnia, a sense of abnormal behavior, vomiting and also watering of the nose.

Apart from the above listed harmful effects of brown sugar drug, there are also effects such as respiratory tract infection, a feeling of restlessness, tuberculosis, viral hepatitis, skin infections, gradual dental problems, and gastrointestinal problems.

In some cases, Brown sugar also leads to impotence, abscesses, and also several types of infections in the heart, lungs, and brain.


It is said that the addicts of brown sugar should be kept in a rehabilitation center or a prison otherwise in the worst case it might lead to death. Motivation, detoxification, family therapy, group therapy, daycare centers, supportive psychotherapy counseling, etc. are some of the medical treatments for the addicts of brown sugar.


An overdose of Brown Sugar is treated with naloxone or naltrexone and also the opioid antagonist. The reverse effects help in regaining of consciousness of the drug abuser, but the danger factors state that death from the consumption of overdose of Brown sugar can be anywhere from several minutes to several hours due to lack oxygen or lack of breathing caused by opioid.


Drug Overdose Kills


In India, according to the reports from United Nation, there are approximately one million officially registered users of Heroin whereas unofficially it is more than 5 million. In the case of Brown sugar drug, this count has to be very high due to its easy availability and low price. The extent of consumption of Brown sugar was mostly noticed in young adults whose age was in between 18 to 25. With the passage of decades and modernization, the number of young adult’s initiator increased.


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Some critics stated that the increase in the number of drug abusers is the direct adverse impact of modernization, which is gradually killing the youths of the Globe. In fact, some critics even stated that movies, Hollywood, media, social media, etc. also play a major role in promoting drugs and increasing the intention to try out these drugs among youths.


Awareness about Brown Sugar Effects


Brown Sugar is one of the most popular drugs among all the other drugs and is also consumed in higher quality. This drastic growth in the consumption of Brown Sugar needs a high level of drug awareness at the Community level. At the college and high school levels, the organizers of annual functions and other celebrations need to take care that freedom is not misused. During festivals, these addictive drinks and drugs should be highly avoided.

In schools, teachers and mentors should be allotted a group of students along with periods in which they can talk to each of the students about the hazardous effect of Drug Addiction.

This will also allow them to analyze the student’s mental state like depression, aggression, etc. which can be further properly and ethically treated. Influencing posters and messages on the society’s notice boards in residential areas can also be helpful. Workshops and communication sessions in society with the support of psychotherapists and social workers can be proved as helpful in fighting against drug addiction.

Lastly, legal laws over the consumption, sales, purchase, etc. of drugs can be highly beneficial to reduce the number of drug abusers.

Say No! At first itself. It is not an element to taste or try once. It is an element to be strictly avoided and also stay away from it.


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