How to Overcome Addiction using Ginger with Scientific Reason

How to Overcome Addiction using Ginger with Scientific Reason

Addiction of anything is bad and when we talk about substance abuse and drug addiction, like drugs, alcohol addiction, situation can be worse. So always try to quit an addiction before it is too late and it overcomes you. This article will show you how you can overcome addiction using Ginger.

Till now you must be using Ginger during cooking and as an herbal medicine for cold and cough treatment, but have you tried this for curing any addiction?

If no, today we are going to tell you the method by which you can quit any addiction or substance abuse.


How to Overcome Addiction using Ginger


By this method you can help yourself, friends and family members overcome addictions like alcohol addiction, chewing tobacco, drugs, etc.


How to use Ginger for treating Drug Addiction


1. Take ginger and cut it into small pieces. Now apply rock salt on these small ginger pieces.

2. Now squeeze the lemon on these pieces and put these small ginger pieces to dry in the sun. When these pieces are dried up, your medicine for overcoming addiction is ready.

3. Now, keep these small dried ginger pieces with you and when you feel like smoking, drinking alcohol or taking any drug type substance, then took out your magic packet and put one piece of Ginger in your mouth and keep it or just suck it.

Ginger does not dissolve in your mouth, so you can keep it all day long. 🙂


How This Remedy Work


Now, if you are thinking how Ginger helps in overcoming drug addiction, then you are on the right direction.

The body of the addicted person demands Sulfur (Sulphur) time to time and then to satisfy that demand addicted person has to take drugs dosage to fulfill that body need or fulfill his addiction.

What if you fulfill this body sulfur demand by natural ways?

Yes, you heard right! Body sulphur demand can be met by natural ingredients and Ginger is one of them.

By eating Ginger, sulfur demand of the addict’s body is fulfilled and addict become calm.

Normal person fighting addiction who wants to leave drinking alcohol and taking drugs can follow this process for a week and a hard core addict can follow this process for 2 weeks and can see the result.

Note: Please take the advice of your Doctor before using this remedy.

Hope you will share this article to someone you love and badly need advice for recovering from substance abuse and become sober. If someone is benefits from this method don’t forget to tell us through your comments and emails.


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