What are The Twelve Steps of Recovery?

What are The Twelve Steps of Recovery?

What is an addiction? Addiction is a brutal act of being trapped in a habitual pattern that consumes an individual. It creates a morbid and destructive attachment that ultimately turns toxic. Is there any way to deal with it? The answer is certainly ‘yes’. Recovery from a life-threatening malady of addiction necessitates a balanced approach of the mind, body and spirit and can be downright overwhelming.


The 12 Step recovery program were founded by a group in the USA for recovering alcoholics and accountable for the well-known Alcoholics Anonymous Program. This is a foundation of hope for any person requiring help with addiction. In my never-ending quest to keep it unpretentious, here are the action ideologies behind the twelve steps:


Twelve step recovery program


What are The Twelve Steps of Recovery


1. Honesty

One of the stuff to address that lies at the root of where you discover yourself now are the feelings that commanded you to your addiction. You may contemplate it was the circumstances you were in at the moment, but actually, it was about how you stroked about yourself in relation to those situations.


2. Hope

While expedition to recovery is extensive and rigid; the pathway is one persistent, and that is hoping. Hope is significant because it supports the appropriate action toward a series of steps leading to a strategy for recovery.


god hope faith recovery


3. Faith

It is time to learn to love and pardon you as God does. Move on to your fresh life with hopefulness and determination, knowing that your basis of sustenance is from God.


4. Courage

You have to nourish your mind, your spirit and body with courage. There are immeasurable examples of individuals recuperating from addiction that is now greeted and proclaimed as heroes.


5. Integrity

If we have justly done a systematic job of introspection and estimation of our possessions and inadequacies, do we have the integrity to own up to it? It can be very challenging to be open and truthful about our past deeds.


6. Willingness

To procure a new skill to diminish the authority of the looping feelings, break their cycle and willingness to swing to fresh thoughts.


7. Humility

Build up an organized and meticulous environment to make the decent conducts easy and bad behaviors incredible and absorb to forgive ourselves. We admit the necessity for a dose of humility.


8. Discipline

You are enduring to eliminate the barriers that can chunk forward sober growth. You are getting prepared to sweep our side of the street clean with chastisement.


9. Forgiveness

A key fact here is to attempt to correct the harms posed by individuals hurt by us, through an act, not just words. Probing forgiveness is not a gift to the other individual, but rather a deed of kindness to you.


Forgive me please


10. Acceptances

It is an influential experience to witness somebody with an analogous affliction triumph over misfortune and turn catastrophe into accomplishment. This is a time to learn about who you actually are, and who you can become.


11. Knowledge and awareness

All forms of addiction have long-term effects on the physiology and psychology of an addict’s mind. In order to triumph this battle, you should be equipped with skills that comprise overpowering your urges and adage no to all pro addictive conducts.


12. Service and gratitude

Supporting recovery peers in the form of applause, approval and appreciation can do more to help you transform exertions. It can aid you to recognize cues that may have contracted you into addiction and bounce you a push to be freed of undesired behaviors.


If you are in recovery from addiction, you are compelling the first steps on the street to a new life. Life is always about your relations, and the primary one is your relationship with yourself. Do not let the selections of your past drain your energy moving frontward. Find the goodness within yourself and build on that, follow the twelve step program for recovery.

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