Crystal Meth – The World Most Dangerous Drugs

Crystal Meth – The World Most Dangerous Drugs

“I lost everything to crystal meth. My look, my teeth, my children, my reputation, my home and now I am nothing but a walking dead. My life has become a complete turmoil”. Juliana (a Crystal meth addict)

This is not just the story of a one Juliana but all the people who are addicts to Crystal Methamphetamine have somewhat the same story. The world’s most dangerous drug has many pet names across the globe. Some call it meth, some party drug, in the gay community it is adorably called as Tina, at some places people call it crystal, crank, ice, glass or tweak while in Asian countries, it is known as Yaba or Shabu.


Crystal Methamphetamine: The history


Meth has been developed by Japanese century back to tickle the mind and create a hallucination. During the Second World War, the soldiers from both sides used meth frequently. Japanese fighter pilots used to have meth during suicide mission to destroy the enemy’s base.

There was a time when Asia has the maximum meth addicts but within last 40 years, the drug has spread worldwide and as per the report of United States government, almost 24.7 million users of Crystal Meth are in America itself.


Crystal Meth
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What is actually Crystal Methamphetamine?


CM or Crystal Methamphetamine is a highly toxic substance, which has ephedrine and pseudoephedrine sulphate as a parent compound. Sometimes pseudoephedrine hydrochloride is used instead of ephedrine. People make the CM powder by mixing these components with other additives in various ratios. You may see CM powder in white, yellow, and pink, brown or in orange color depends on the additives. The highest pure form of CM is either glass or ice, which has a white color.

The yellow color CM is a rough type famous as Hydro while Glass is just the smooth white blend. People either inject intravenously or snort the drug through nostrils if it is in a soluble or in a powder form respectively. The crystal form CM is the pure drug that people smoke in a pipe.


Why is the drug popular among youth?


The reasons are numerous but the prime reasons are few. For instance,

  • It is cheaper than cocaine or other drugs.
  • It keeps on you high for stretch 16 -20 hours.
  • People used to feel euphoric, daring, adventurous, better or powerful
  • It says, if you know how to make chocolate cookies, you can make CM in your backyard too.
  • Easily available
  • People feel liberated to do sex or other activities that are taboo for the society.


How will you identify Crystal Meth addicts?


Russell (changed name) from Virginia is just 18 years old and had been taking meth since she was just 14. She started crystal meth as a party drug in a party at her school friend’s house and from that day, her life has changed drastically. The worst affected was her teeth and hair. Nevertheless, she is not alone in this roller coaster of life but as per research, only in America, more than 5% of kids above 12 years are Meth addicts.

Some of the symptoms are obvious to identify Meth abusers. For instance:

  • Weight loss
  • Mood swapping
  • Hyperactivity
  • Change in body color
  • Hallucinations and Schizophrenic behavior
  • Meth mouth
  • Drastic change in behavior or repetitious behavior
  • Itchy skin and Bad body odor
  • Dilated pupils, Eye twitching, paranoid activities


The health risk associated with the Crystal Meth:


It is a no brainer that meth has adverse effects on health. It is dangerous and can destroy the life of not only the addicts but also the whole family. Socially, financially and physically, meth is perilous. The addicts can have short-term memory loss, feel depression or suicidal tendency or may have severe convulsions, a respiratory collapse that may further lead to coma and loss of life. Meth mouth is a very common disease among meth users where the whole gum and teeth of the person are destroyed.


Is help available for meth addicts?


Help is just a step away if you are sure to get rid of meth. However, you may get help only when you want to help you seriously. Medically, there are no such available drugs, which may cure meth addiction. Your best friend is your strong will power and your dedication. However, you are not alone in the battle against meth. Many rehab centers across the world offer therapy and counseling to help you in the process. Detox, regular visits to trained physicians and arduous training are your solution against meth addiction.

Remember, life is precious. Even though you feel alone, your life is important for your parents, siblings and friends. It is your decision to destroy it with drugs or make it better for you if not for others. Crystal Meth is as dangerous as fast spreading cancer and only you can help yourself.

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