21 Reasons People Fail to Overcome Drug Addiction

21 Reasons People Fail to Overcome Drug Addiction

Overcoming drug addiction is a problem that is faced by the society which doesn’t affects just the teenagers or the grown up people who behave as “teenagers” but also all the people who are related to them. Drug addiction has many adverse health effects where the major one stands as losing of consciousness which might make a person indulge in risky behaviors with awful consequences as depicted by driving while intoxicated.


21 Reasons People Fail to Overcome Drug Addiction


There are number of organs like liver, heart, lungs are affected causing various kinds of cancer, weakening of organs, etc.

Although, a number of program has been worked out and with all the rehabs, one can say that there is way lot effort that is been put in the same area but still it doesn’t seem to be successful.

Here, we present 21 reasons why people fail to overcome drug addiction.


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