Simple Methods to Identify Substance and Drugs Abuse

Simple Methods to Identify Substance and Drugs Abuse

Drugs and Substance abuse problem is very widespread and affects people from all strata of society. From young to old anybody could be addicted to harmful substances and it would be very difficult to identify them just from outward perceptions. One of the biggest sign of substance abuse is that the person’s life starts revolving around the drug and he or she is constantly engaged in getting more and more access to it.

In such a scenario the person might be in need of joining a rehabilitation program. There are some common substance abuse problems that have particular symptoms.


Simple Methods to Identify Substance and Drugs Abuse


Methods to Identify Substance and Drugs Abuse


1. Alcohol abuse: Alcohol addiction and abuse are slightly dissimilar in the fact that an alcohol addict may develop higher capacity and may continue drinking for a longer period of time.

Alcohol abuse is when a person keeps drinking knowing that it is harming his or her health in the present.

Some ways to identify this is –

a. The person starts showing violent and aggressive behavior.
b. Becomes restless and loses interest in work and school.
c. Cannot control his/her drinking.
d. The person becomes prone to depression.
e. May have a family history of substance abuse and have suffered child abuse.


2. Cocaine Abuse: This drug is used to increase the Dopamine Neurotransmitter in the brain which leads to euphoric emotions and enthusiastic energy. This recreational drug has some serious side effects such as mental disorders and hyperactivity.

Some symptoms are:

a. Increased agitation and hyperactive movement.
b. Lack of focus on one particular task
c. Lack of social regard. Being Impulsive
d. Highly enthusiastic and motivated.


3. Steroids: They can be life-saving in certain situations but anabolic steroids which are mainly used for sports and bodybuilding have many harmful side effects.

Mostly, bodybuilders in their 20s are using these to get an excessive amount of muscle mass by playing the part of testosterone in the body. Whenever you see someone gaining an unnatural amount of muscle mass in a short period of time of 10 weeks or less, all indications could point to steroid abuse.

Some more of such signs are:

a. The person is taking pills before, during or after the workout and is doing an excessive amount of exercise.
b. There may be injection holes in the skin if it is used intravenously.
c. A lower libido and sexual performance can be a side effect.
d. The person may exhibit rapid mood swings.
e. Increased body hair in men and women.


4. Inhalants: They can be from a wide range of substances. Mainly used for sniffing the fumes and giving from moderate to intense highs. This form of substance abuse is very damaging and can give brain damage to the person. Many items can cause this abuse from spray paints to glue to Nitrous Oxide. All have very harmful effects.

Some of the symptoms are:

a. A slurry speech with jerky movements.
b. The person may look drunk with alcohol.
c. The pupils will be dilated.
d. The person may suffer from hallucinations and loss of appetite.


5. Heroin: It is an extremely addictive drug. It comes from a chemical process starting from the poppy plant which gets converted to heroin. It can give a temporary rush to the person followed by a very depressive state.

Of the many symptoms the common ones are:

a. Nausea with vomiting. This can be just in the starting phase.
b. A foggy mental state.
c. Feeling sleepy most of the time.
d. Slowed heartbeats.
e. The person may fall from wake to sleep state suddenly and be awake again just like ‘nodding’.

These were some of the ways to identify substance and drug abuse by observing any people or addicts. If you have any more questions, please add through by commenting below.

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