How Overcoming Drug Addiction Can Help you Lead a Better Life

How Overcoming Drug Addiction Can Help you Lead a Better Life

It is a process not a destination. It is just like a Sherlock Holmes TV show where he solves the puzzles every day. Since I left it once, I have been overcoming it every day and every second. I have worked on bringing myself on par where I’m trying to get on high by achieving my goals rather than smoking pot.”

One can frame it rightly into words that overcoming drug addiction isn’t a process that is a onetime thing but a constant regulation on one’s instincts. It is a hard, self-sustaining and self-loving process and not everyone is able to do it. The process of overcoming from drug and substance abuse has been often a debated process because the pleasure one gets by getting high is something that is not achieved any other thing except for happiness.


How Overcoming Drug Addiction Can Help you Lead a Better Life


“I had a kid and a wife and I was way too much into drugs until one day when I talked about leaving drugs and saw an impending smile on the face of those two people. Had it not been there, I would have never ever even thought of overcoming drugs. I wanted to sort out my life for the people I loved.”


There are many factors that can influence one’s decision to overcome drugs. One should be able to find it in all the circumstances because the ray of hope is all one needs to overcome drug addiction. Here are 8 factors stated which should help a person to overcome these barriers.


1. You get rich!

Drug abuse and poverty are closely interrelated. As poverty is a leading step to drug abuse and continuous use of drugs is certainly going to cause poverty, the two of them make a vicious cycle. When a person cuts down on one aspect of this cycle it might relieve the burden on the economy. But often that aspect needs to be cutting on the substance abuse.


Get Rich


The community of drug users is a large one which forms one of the major markets of economy drain and no matter how much one has the earnings; if the person persists on using drugs he is going to exhaust all of it. But if one overcomes the drug abuse pattern, he can save a decent bank account, spend them on family, friends, holidays, charity or whatever one wishes.


2. Your family would love you.

The continuous use of drugs often separates you from your family and friends. Although you become a part of a cool gang but that isn’t helpful. Those people only care about when you can smoke the next joint with them and not about if you are going through a major descending and excruciatingly painful experience at your workplace or in your family or any place.


family love


Only your parents, your friends (yes, the same one who ask you to quit) or your partners would care enough. The quitting of drugs brings family and friends closer and what else would make you higher than drugs. And we aren’t talking about Marijuana, its happiness.


3. You get to love yourself.

People who think it is not all about love, they are utterly stupid and you should never ever listen to them. The most important thing in this world is self-love. Yes, at this point many people would call out that love and care for other people is more important but a simple philosophy states you can’t love another person when you have no love for your own soul and body.

Overcoming drug addiction not only helps to stay healthy and clean but also helps in generating hormones that was prohibited by the drug abuse.


4. You develop an interest in your life.

When you have something to look forward in your life other than a stash of weed and cabinet of beers, real wonders can happen in your life. You get to meet new people, engage in conversations, read nice books and discuss about it, don’t get ill that often and believe in yourself. Stopping the use of drugs helps you to come out of your cocoon that you have built and helps you to realize that there are so many aspects of life that needs to be touched. Having fun is right, but having no objective in life is devastating.


5. You stay perfectly healthy.

There are so many hormones, muscles and bones in our body that get affected by the drug abuse that one needs to keep a check on it. The body is built up of all chemicals and drugs not only slows down the functioning of these body parts but it also damages the major organs of your body like lungs, kidney, liver and heart. These drugs may also call environmental poisoning.


Stay Healthy Stay Fit


For example, the grounds where weeds are grown might be sprayed by some kind of pesticides and one might suffer from arsenic poisoning. These kinds of cases may sometimes lead to even painful death or loss of conscience and going into coma.


6. Less death on the road.

Even though many states have regulations regarding the “no drinking and driving” philosophy, various number of violation is seen. The cutting of drug abuse can help in figuring out the solution to the major threat of drug affected driving cases. If there is a burden that can mentally disturb him that would be killing of other person


7. No degradation by the society.

The people who are into these kinds of activities are often not a big welcome in the social events and by the society. They might be admired and they might be loved, but being welcomed is a totally different issue. Overcoming drug addiction helps in bringing people who matter to you back into your life.


8. It is never late to achieve your dream.

Yes, you might not do it for anyone, but your dreams matter to you. You should achieve what you want to and get into hold of your life. And let’s agree to agree, you can’t do it until you are influenced by some external agent that is ruling your body more than you have a hold on.

Yes, overcoming drug addiction is a big problem which would require so much of perseverance that one cannot write into words but the end results are more fascinating than imagined. As said that there is always a source of light at the end of tunnel, in the similar way, your life improves.

What else motivation would you use other than knowing that you can help eradicate all the issues of financial problems, manage your life, get yourself a healthy body, get on a diet, read and intellectually connect to new people.

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