How To Prevent Substance Abuse Relapse After Rehab – Infographic

Going to rehab and getting treated is very important and similarly maintaining that sobriety state is equally very important. If you are sober now, you should keep in mind that you should not get addicted again and loose all your hard work and patience in becoming addiction free. This infographic focus on “how to prevent substance abuse relapse after rehab” and keep enjoying sober life.

Substance Abuse Relapse is a condition where patient fails to maintain sobriety and again dive into addiction ocean which is very deep. According to this infographic, there are 3 different causes for relapse i.e. mental, physical, and emotional.

Check below infographic and see how you can overcome these three relapses easily. You just have to be determined and strong and just follow sobriety path.


How To Prevent Substance Abuse Relapse After Rehab
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