Deadly Effects of Charas Cannabis

7 Deadly Effects of Charas/Cannabis

Hashish, cannabis or charas is the different form of the drugs that is obtained from the same plant called cannabis plant. You usually grab it from the dried and shredded parts of this plant. Lots of people in this world consume it as a food, oil, or brewed tea. But, countless population prefer inhaling its smoke. When the smoke enters into your lungs and bloodstream, brain and other organs, it cause unfavourable effects. People take such drug just for relief but they are trapped and are not able to overcome the addiction of hashish or charas.


Deadly Effects of Charas or Cannabis


Deadly Effects of Charas


Here are some common but dangerous illness that hashish or cannabis smokers suffer from.

1. Change in respiration: It is a fact that smoking hashish is extremely harmful for your lungs. It leads you to have long termed respiratory problem. It makes you face problems of chronic bronchitis, wheeze, production of phlegm, and chronic cough. Addiction of cannabis or charas causes large air bubbles in the lungs and air pockets between the lungs or between the chest wall and lungs. Especially adults are trapped by these miserable conditions to a great extent. If you smoke hashish too much, you are more likely to suffer from lower respiratory tract infections.


2. Extreme sleepiness: Hashish is a great source of most prevalent tetrahydrocannabinol or THC, cannabidiol or CBD, and other Cannabinoids chemicals highly engage with CB1 Cannabinoid receptors in your brain. As it interacts with such receptors, it makes you feel drowsiness. However, this effect is considered as the muscles relaxation effect but it lasts for longer and disturbs your lifestyle or upcoming 2-3 days routine to some extent. Or, you can say, you would not be able to deal with your daily chores properly.


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3. Depression and loss of control: A majority of the people all over the world use hashish to get rid of depression and really it works positively. But, there are countless people that are in the higher risk of having various symptoms of depression just because of overcome addiction of charas. They usually suffer from emotional as well as psychological issues that involve acute depression or increased risk of the development of psychosis, lack of motivation, apathy and many more critical concerns. Hashish or cannabis is known to make you develop lots of worse suicidal thoughts all the time.


4. Reduction of testosterone production and reduced sexual functioning: The presence of the active element in the cannabis, THC works and results a great endocrine disruptor in animals as well as humans. It does not allow your hypothalamus to secret GnRH. It creates an unfriendly environment for the testicular enzymes that contribute to testosterone production. As a result, it decreases the production of testosterone. Besides, it restricts FSH and LH production in your body.


5. Lower resistance to common illness: When you start to take the higher amount of charas, you force yourself to have an unhealthy immune system. Overcome addiction of such drugs fire up the production of immune system cells (myeloid-derived suppressor cells) due to the presence of the vast quantity of cannabinoid compounds in it. Your immune system becomes slower and you are unable to fight against common illness such as bronchitis, flu, cold, etc. Thus, you always go for the medical prescription that is not an appropriate solution for you at all.


6. Increased appetite and weight gain: The overcome addiction of hashish leads you suffer from excess body storage. If you are smoking hashish in less amount, it does not affect your body weight gain. Having the excess amount of hashish provides the munchies to the people. The munchies is a sudden effect on your appetite that makes you eat a lot of or the high quantity of food at a single time. As they are trapped by this vicious practice, they gain unwanted body fat.

It is the only reason that smokers that burn hashish or cannabis, put on extra pounds over time. Such kind of persons have an unbalanced eating habit and are more likely to be suffering from several hazardous diseases.


7. Risk of cardiovascular issues: It has been proved by a research that people are smoking hashish are at higher risk of having chest pain quickly. The only reason behind this miserable health condition is the bad or complex effects of smoking hashish on your cardiovascular system. They often suffer from issues like harder pumping of the heart, dilating blood vessels, raising resting heart rate, increased heartbeat, High Blood Pressure, heart attack, etc.

It is said that you are at higher risk of the heart attack in the hour just after smoking cannabis. Thus, it is quite harmful to your health and promotes the risk of death especially among heart attack survivors.

After studying these bad impacts of cannabis, now you should be alert and careful. If you are smoking hashish or want to try this because of its wealthy arguments, then you must throw this idea immediately out of your mind. However, a majority of the people all over the globe are burning cannabis but they are losing their life day by day. So, it is highly recommended to stay away from drugs like component, hashish, cannabis or charas and try to overcome your addiction of charas.

If you are already trapped in it, do consult some good rehabilitation centers in your area.


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