Movies with Unbelievable Scenes About Overcoming Drug Addiction

Movies with Unbelievable Scenes About Overcoming Drug Addiction

Movies plays very important role in our society and helps in changing the attitude of a person. If taken seriously and positively, they can change the people completely. Rehab centers also shows movies that can help addict in changing mind and walk towards sobriety path. In this article, we are covering some movies which has very amazing outcomes and will help in overcoming substance abuse.

Hollywood has made many movies which shows how people allure in drugs and alcohol spoil their lives and if they take action on time, they are out of it and can live happy and sober life. Life is all about changes and if you are trapped in something it doesn’t mean you cannot come out. If you are determined and has strong will, you will surely break all barriers and will walk in path of light.

I mean when you think your life is down, simply see what happens to individuals who you think have lives twice on a par with yours get totally destroyed by their addictions. It’s really aggravating but these motion pictures are essential to transfer how damaging medication habit can be.

With regards to addictions and misuse, Hollywood is generally not exactly precise in its portrayals. Netflix and Blockbuster are immersed with glamorized or simply absolute erroneous depictions of the subject.

TDA has a long history of surveying motion pictures and remarking on their pertinence to substance misuse, from Iron Man (alcohol twist) to Pineapple Express the ineptitude of misuse. In any case, once in a while does it tackle films that arrangement for the most part with fixation. One eminent special case is a survey on The Lost Weekend.

That is being expressed, I need to list my main 11 films that arrangement with enslavement of which The Lost Weekend is incorporated. This is a subjective rundown clearly and I know there are numerous different movies deserving of the rundown that I likely haven’t seen. The positioning is impacted likely as much by my DOC as it is by individual encounters.


11 Movies About Overcoming Drug Addictions


11 Movies About Overcoming Drug Addictions


1. Surge (1991): This is one of the principal motion pictures I can saw not long after it turned out that made me think – hey doing medications can truly be terrible. Up until that point, most motion pictures I had seen made doing drugs as well as manhandling liquor appear fun/cool. I was in my late 20’s the point at which it turned out and would do pretty much anything advertised. This one made me consider what dependence may resemble.


2. Activity (2000): Although more about medication trafficking than medication mishandle, the powerful cast and the characters they depict make an awesome story.


3. Bad Lieutenant (1992): This is the story about a corrupt New York City police sleuth, who tries to change his life and walk in the sobriety path.


4. The Basketball Diaries (1995): Leonardo DiCaprio the main character of this film finds his dreams shattered of becoming a basketball star after he free falls into the dark world of drug addiction.


5. The Lost Weekend (1945): Rated 100% on Rotten Tomatoes and victor of the Academy Award for best Picture, Actor (Ray Milland), Director and Writer. Uncovered each alcoholic banality without wincing –it appears the author was chasing after me and recording what he saw. Numerous consider this the authoritative film ever on the subject of liquor addiction. From the trailer it sounds practically like a blood and guts movie.


6. Memorial for a Dream (2000): Almost all the expert surveys notice “hard to watch”. This motion picture nails the silly parts of dependence. Ellen Burstyn was named for an Oscar for her execution.


7. Trainspotting (1996): Just how terrible would you be able to make drug addicts and enslavement. Danny Boyle answers the inquiry with this motion picture that is both clever and terrible in the meantime. Ewan McGregor’s first huge motion picture. The child on the roof scene gave me bad dreams.


8. Clean and Sober (1988): They made me watch this motion picture in recovery. No joking. Roger Ebert said in his audit “Everyone knows some person like this”. Kid do I.

The movie is about a struggling drug addict who get himself admitted to a rehabilitation center to run away from his trouble.


9. Less Than Zero (1987): This film is about a young lad who is returning home for Christmas to spend time with his friends and found his best friend has an serious drug habit. The story further shows the struggle for money and to achieve sobriety though determination. It’s a must watch.


10. Leaving Las Vegas (1995): Number one for me. I saw this couple of years after it was made, while I was somewhere down in the throes of my own compulsion. Here’s the arrangement – I didn’t care for it then and I don’t care for it now; it makes me squirm – it hits to near and dear; however can’t not watch it.

The first of the film before he goes to Vegas mirrors my very own large number encounters – the scenes at his occupation are the hardest for me to watch. This motion picture won four Oscars – best on-screen character, performer, author and chief. This is the story about alcoholic screenwriter Ben Sanderson.


11. City Of God (2002): Based on the novel of the same name by Paulo Lins, this 2002 Brazilian wrongdoing dramatization annals the development of sorted out wrongdoing in the Cidade de Deus suburb of Rio de Janeiro, between the end of the 1960’s and the start of the 1980’s. The film, which was approximately taking into account genuine occasions and was likewise coordinated by Fernando Meirelles, was profoundly adulated for its authenticity and credibility.

So have you seen these movies?

Do let us know what are your thoughts about these movies and what they teach you. If you have other good movie, which you think is motivational do let us know through your comments and email. We will come again with another good post. Till then keep recovering and live sober life.

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