21 Reasons People Fail to Overcome Drug Addiction

21 Reasons People Fail to Overcome Drug Addiction

  1. “Well, we hate to think!”

thrill and excitement


One of the biggest base of the drug users are the teenagers and while we state it we know it somewhere that the way a teenager brain works is lot different than that of adults because here we don’t have that level of rational thoughts. The teenagers have thrill and the excitement to do anything.


  1. “We love risks and risk-takers.”

Intake of drugs heightens many of the hormones level that gives sense of relief and dare-devil attitude. The youth in particular likes this and adores the feel where they can believe that they can do anything in contrast to the society that is regularly condemning them. So, it particularly becomes hard for the people to leave the factor of risk that they are able to take.


  1. “We took a sip and then we ate it all.”


Ate it all Sip


Several studies done on animals have shown that the people who have tried one drug may have developed the relish and interest in intake of other drugs. It has been revealed that the persistent use of drugs and its effect on the brain makes the use of other drug much more likely.

A perfect example is more than 70% people who abuse other drugs have found to be involved in the intake of Marijuana.



The subconscious fear of not being able to compete or the common fear of one’s own success is one major end result of drug abusers. The general thought of all these drug abusers that overcoming drug addiction would result in not being their personal best acts as an obstacle in the way to be clean.


  1. “Our families don’t like us.”

One of the first reasons why the people undergo the drug abuse is because they were never paid much attention at home, or school or by their friends. This resulted the state of being “high” a better option than not being cared enough and getting out of it never sounds like a good enough plan.


  1. “We lost love.”

depression lost love


Often a case, when a person suffers a loss or is rejected by their love, they seem to go into this entire new world of hallucinations and other beliefs. This world gives them a home, a hope, a way that is more likely to relieve their pain more than any person alive. And who would like to give it up? Would you do it?


  1. “You will find more people supporting a dog riding a bike than us leaving the drugs.”

Yes, this is true. The lack of concern of the people towards someone who is trying to be in rehab is one of the reasons that led them to be in this state. The people don’t care if someone is going through problems.

The only way out for the people who are indulged into drug abuse is proper support, which lacks for more than 50% of the population of the drug abusers.

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