21 Reasons People Fail to Overcome Drug Addiction

21 Reasons People Fail to Overcome Drug Addiction


  1. “We never thought that we could do any better.”


BE Better


There are so many people who have no importance or self-esteem. These people underestimate their value and often consider that they deserve nothing but the pain and suffering that they are getting.


  1. “This is a place where we didn’t fail.”

There are so many people who are acquainted with unrealistic dreams and expectations from their life and when things don’t end up well they take it in the totally wrong direction indulging in drug abuse. They get so much into the practice that they feel that this is the only place that they can’t fail.


  1. “We were damaged.”

Many of the people who are into drug abuse have suffered things like nerve damage that affects with the proper functioning and decision making. People see drug abuse as the only way to deal the problems that one is facing after setback on various grounds rather than seeing it as the problem that caused it all.


  1. “We were inspired. If it is bad why our favorite actors are doing so?”

Yes, no matter how stupid this sounds but the bitter truth of the life is we are always affected by our favorite actors and actresses. People are more inspired by Curt Kobain, Jim Morrison, Keith Moon, etc… The so called “idea” to all the people practicing drug abuse comes from the fact that these legend work were inspired by some stupid Marijuana and not their talent.


  1. “We don’t believe in changing.”


believe in changing


Yes, people still practice this phrase that they once used on their breakup that “You changed, I didn’t.” Only this time it is not some love of live that they are saying to, but some creep dumpsters who are providing them with the stash.


  1. “Withdrawal made us come back.”

For some people the withdrawal symptoms are so strong that it is too much difficult to overcome the same. This makes them justify their maladaptive behavior and not giving up. To some extent it is true that withdrawal is hard but the bigger fact is that their idea that it is way too hard causes much more problem.


  1. “After the rehab, we met our old friends.”

The truth is, rehabs can only help you while you are there. The journey ahead is all yours and all you got have to achieve is through self-control. This is a pit where maximum fall. Meeting up with the friends or going to a club, there might incur number of situations where the enticed into drugs once again. Well, even though people overcome drug addiction, they are dragged because of their lack of self-control.


Thus, these factors are not the only one that have affected the overcoming drug addiction problem but they can be stated as one of the major factors that we were told by the people who failed to quit.

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